Media Recap 2015 - II

Posted on Wed 02 December 2015 • Tagged with Media Recap

After watching TotalBiscuit’s video for There Came an Echo I wasn’t really into playing the game, but when the soundtrack went up at Big Giant Circles I couldn’t pass it up. Bought it some time ago and still love it, especially “Ignite Defense” and “LAX” (those are …

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Media Recap: Q1 2015

Posted on Sun 03 May 2015 • Tagged with Media Recap

It’s all there. Great books, diverse games, some movies and a whole lot of educational presentations.

Video Games

I’m trying something different this year: In order to avoid buying loads of games that I don’t play at all, I only buy one game per month. I’m …

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Media Recap: Q4 2014

Posted on Fri 02 January 2015 • Tagged with Media Recap

I have not stopped writing down my consumed media. Neither do I feel the need to stop sharing them with you. However, my current schedule happens to exhaust me a lot easier than previous ones. It is because of this change in workload and scheduling that I need to change …

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Media Recap: May, June, July and parts of August 2014

Posted on Mon 11 August 2014 • Tagged with Media Recap

Since I skipped the last two month, this will be a longer post, summarizing both May, June and July 2014, probably even some entries from August, just so they’re written down somewhere.


  • Guild Wars 2 - Got back to GW2, had a lot of fun, found new guild members …
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Media Recap: April 2014

Posted on Wed 30 April 2014 • Tagged with Media Recap

Summary: 5 games, 2 novels, 1 movie, 11 videos, 1 podcast.


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Media Recap: March 2014

Posted on Tue 22 April 2014 • Tagged with Media Recap

Summary: 6 games, 20 videos

Interestingly, it seems as if holidays actually slow down my writing process.

Video Games

  • Fable 3 - Almost done with the achievements in this one. Can’t say I enjoyed most parts of the game. Weak presentation of the story. Might be due to me comparing …
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Media Recap: February 2014

Posted on Sun 09 March 2014 • Tagged with Media Recap

Summary: 7 games, 1 novel, 1 season of videos Screenshot of GhostLyrics’s AC Initiates synchronization showing full completion for AC2, AC:B, AC:R and AC4


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Media Recap: January 2014

Posted on Sun 16 February 2014 • Tagged with Media Recap

Summary: 4 games, 1 cartoon


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Media Recap: December 2013

Posted on Wed 01 January 2014 • Tagged with Media Recap

Summary: 5 games, 1 movie, 8 videos

I want to check out Risk of Rain, since it sounds interesting and got a splendid review from Polygon. However, I’m a little skeptical about playing it since I get angry very easily when playing video games against the computer. Interestingly I …

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Media Recap: September, October, November & parts of December 2013

Posted on Sun 22 December 2013 • Tagged with Media Recap

Summary: Quite something, long time overdue.

So, apparently I was in a little over my head during the last few months, doing stuff for university, working a bit, worrying, being sick and generally not in the mood for writing which is a shame. This will be a cleanup post in …

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