Media Recap: February 2014

Posted on Sun 09 March 2014 • Tagged with Media Recap

Summary: 7 games, 1 novel, 1 season of videos Screenshot of GhostLyrics’s AC Initiates synchronization showing full completion for AC2, AC:B, AC:R and AC4


  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag - I really don’t remember what I was doing in February in ACIV, probably participating in a community challenge or working towards 100% synchronization.
  • Assassin’s Creed II - The other Assassin’s Creed game in which I had not had 100% sync before.
  • Mass Effect 2 - I am not playing this again. Not a single chance. I have been watching for a bit while my girlfriend has playing this on Casual and it hasn’t been a lot of fun. Predictably, I’d say, when one knows the dialogues by heart after playing the game five times.
  • Mass Effect 3 - My girlfriend wanted to play the Geth Server level again and we didn’t have a savegame which was recent enough, so I rushed through the Geth dreadnought. I had almost forgotten how funny it is to one-shot everything on Casual.
  • The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith - The Wolf Among Us was something that I wasn’t sure what to think about when I first read of it. Given that it was free for a day before Christmas I decided to download it and finally got around to give it a try. I liked that you are notified about the consequences of your actions and that you always have a number of different option for your next action. Adding a timer to many decisions certainly necessitates that you don’t overthink what you are going to to, because you have to decide the next course of action now or else… The game is a bit difficult to stomach in its over the top depiction of violence which makes it hard to recommend.
  • Gyromancer - Finally I was able to obtain the last few achievements of this puzzle game. While I tremendously enjoyed most of the gameplay, the special puzzles needed for the Challenger’s door are incredibly annoying and require a certain amount of skill, patience and a ridiculous amount of luck. That’s because very often you will be waiting for a certain combination to be nearly ready only to suffer from an enemy’s ability to destroy your carefully constructed match.
  • Fable 3, including Fable 3 Understone Quest Pack - to be perfectly honest it’s not the best game. Far from it if I’m precise. I might turn some thoughts about F3 into a future post but I intend to finish playing the game first.


  • Meines Bruders Mörderin by Irene Rodrian (German, Amazon Promotion) - An Amazon promotion, again. I’m slowly working through this. After all, I got one more free book from iTunes too. Can’t have enough books. I am always somewhat annoyed by the fact that I only get free German books but they’re gifts, so let’s not be picky. I’ll put them out with the junk if they’re bad anyway. The short version: It’s a murder mystery, setting up the scene for a series of novels involving a new private investigation agency of five women who meet through solving a crime in Barcelona. I enjoyed reading it and this is probably one of the very few cases in which I’ve thought about obtaining the sequel to a promotional work.


  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - recently I had a feeling of nostalgia and watched Ghost in the Shell again. Back when it was airing on MTV I had only seen a couple of episodes, so it was nice to see the whole season. I like the concept of Stand Alone Complex and the way it portraits the hacker central to the events in the series, the Laughing Man. At the time of this writing I have already watched several episodes of the 2nd GIG.