Posted on Wed 05 August 2015 • Last modified on Wed 06 January 2016

I'm Alexander Skiba and it's nice to have you on my site.
Should you need to contact me just use the links in the sidebar or send send an e-mail to mail@ghostlyrics.net.

I'm currently studying Computer Science at the University of Technology in Graz (that's in Austria, not Australia). I've previously studied Transcultural Communication for a year (with focus on English and Russian) at the Karl Franzens University - also in Graz - but that wasn't really the right thing for me.

I'm also a system administrator at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Computer Vision at TU Graz.

What kind of content can you expect here?

I often take notes on which media I consume and write on a variety of topics, but tend to focus on video games and university. While I plan to write more about my work, I rarely blog about development.

About this site

I love to write and find ways to express myself. I used to write at a subdomain of some hosted WordPress (which was not hosted by Automattic and therefore kinda crappy) then moved to my own hosted domain Firefly-Nexus where I wrote in German together with some friends on various topics that were lifestyle oriented. Now - as the site is still online but the enthusiasm behind it seems to have died - I have moved on to my own domain with a ridiculously simple self-hosted WordPress that's stripped of everything I don't need or want. GhostLyrics.net is active since December 2011.

Beginning in late August 2015, I moved to using pelican as a static site generator for the blog.