Red Lipstick on White Fabric

Posted on Sun 11 November 2018 in memories and dreams

I let my thoughts drift. My mind wanders to an old memory. It is a piece of white cloth with a red stain on it. The stain is not fresh but slightly faded, someone has tried to remove it with washing powder but it didn’t entirely work.

It was the day before carnival at school and I spent the evening chatting with M who had been a friend for 2-3 years at this point. We exchanged messages via ICQ - which was the messaging service of choice in my circle of friends back then. I didn’t like the thought of dressing up and was generally grumpy. I have not been a fan of costumes since elementary school but I don’t remember what soured the fun in dressing up. Bets are either the feeling of carnival being childish and immature or the dislike of the drunk masses during the gatherings in town.

M mentioned that she would be going as a vampire. Truth be told I was probably into her back then. I certainly remember making advances towards her and being rejected at some point; but I cannot figure out if that was the same year. As much as it pains me to admit, the years from school are blurry and I’m having trouble remembering whom exactly I liked at which moment. It’s not always so clean cut during puberty, as you might have experienced yourself.

I sensed the opportunity to blend in a little easier with folks in school while not being entirely dressed up and suggest that, should she go as vampire I might be the victim of her bite, with some blood, stains and all.

I’m not sure whether I asked M to wear red lipstick that day. My mind might have added that detail in hindsight to make the memory livelier. I asked my mother in the morning to help me with some of her makeup, to make a more convincing vampire victim - the usual things but not going over the top. So we stick to the kiss mouth painted on with lipstick and use a little bit of eyeliner for a different colored red. We could’ve gone for some ghoulish smokey eyes effect, I realize now.

M and I had a lot of fun parading around at school, with all the usual jokes you do on carnival. At least that’s what I prefer to think, given that I lack any detailed memories here. I would be willing to bet there were krapfen at some point and I believe I messed up my white hoodie with the jam from the krapfen. When undressing I smeared some of the lipstick to the collar of the white hoodie. Mum was never able to get it perfectly white again and asked me multiple times to give it away or discard it but I kept it for years, the stain a reminder of a nice memory.

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Scenes of music: Only My Railgun (Original Version)

Posted on Tue 30 October 2018 in random notes

Song: Only My Railgun

You arrive late to the concert. It’s not really your style, but nevertheless you look forward to enjoying it, having been handed free tickets from a friend. You enter the club located near the exterior hull of the space station, where rent is cheap and gravitation is low enough for many to feel uneasy. The unfamiliar music with synths and Japanese voiceovers is already playing. When you open the door, bright neon lights flash and you see the mob jumping in ecstasy. They cheer to the music filling their lives with joy apart from the dreary daily life. You’re a bit sad that the voice is from an android proxy performer. Certainly you didn’t expect them to show up personally on a mining station that remote?

You ease into the beat of the music and move with the rest of the crowd, forgetting your calling for the moment and focus on the beat driving you forward. You haven’t felt this energetic for the whole week and hope it lasts to get you through the rest of this assignment so you can return to your clan where you’ll be surrounded by familiar faces once more.

This is the first scene that I wrote to accompany a piece of music. The idea came up during a session of writing music recommendations that didn’t go as well as they usually do, so I tried to mix things up a bit. I asked the participants to give me one song each and I wrote a little flavor text to go with them. This one was inspired by The Expanse, both the novels and the TV series.

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Reading recommendations (2018-09-29)

Posted on Sat 29 September 2018 in reading recommendations

I’m writing this while I’m still on sick leave, so not terribly talkative or inspired. I played a lot more Assassin’s Creed 3 since I blew through the most interesting content in the latest Final Fantasy XIV patch in just two evenings. I even got around to reading the next book from The Expanse, which - I now know thanks to iOS 12’s “Screen Time”, took me about 14 hours.

Reading recommendations (2018-09-05)

Posted on Wed 05 September 2018 in reading recommendations

I’ve been very active in the Discord belonging to my MMO group lately, including hosting a choose-your-own-adventure style game that’s held regularly. It’s a very fun exercise for me to come up with entertaining texts fitting a scenario as well as the input of the players. I imagine this is a bit like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with close to no rules. It’s been a joyous experience so far and I want to keep this up to keep my writing in shape for a good while.

I might even consider asking the players if it is alright to publish the full story after it has come to a close.

On the tech side I find myself shifting more and more away from Vagrant and towards Docker, having gone so far as to remove the VirtualBox layer between my Windows instance and the Docker I’m using to publish this site. Using docker-compose has allowed this to be a lot more comfortable. I had not used docker-compose before but got into it recently.

I’m currently working with a rather complex Docker container at work and find myself needing to customize various things. Using docker-compose instead of listing dozens of command line parameters when starting the container has made this easier. I remembered the simplicity of docker-compose when I got annoyed by specifying and remembering all the options. A while ago, a colleague had showed me project using docker-compose but I didn’t see its usefulness - especially when moving between the different OSs - back then. Having worked with the tool myself now, I can definitely see how it’s going to simplify my setup.

Reading recommendations (2018-09-01)

Posted on Sat 01 September 2018 in reading recommendations

I find that I want to spend more time writing and am inspired by Matt Gemmell to publish more personal piece as well as shorter articles as well. Quantity doesn’t mean quality after all. To start this I’ve polished up my notes from Rome and published them as an article. Aside from that, I’m still battling with my Internet provider, trying to find a good balance between sleeping, working and leisure time and finally getting some more things for the new apartment.