Nighttime excursions

Posted on Wed 15 August 2018 in random notes

It was late. It usually is, given I’m much more comfortable at night than during the day, when there is less noise. I was listening to music with my headphones on, deciding on some ideas for songs I wanted to recommend to friends. I remember it being a hot day - that was contributing to me not wanting to go to bed earlier.

Between the music, I heard a noise as if metal was clanging to metal. Suddenly I was wide awake, taking off my headphones as I’m often enough a cautious person. As I heard the chuckling it was clear to me what was happening.

I switched off the lights and closed the open and tilted windows. Then I waited a bit, looking out of the center window. It didn’t take long for a young man - probably in his teens - to appear and look in.

And I was looking out. I didn’t say anything and neither did he. I don’t think he expected anyone to be looking out of the window at 01:30 AM, when he had just climbed the scaffolding some construction workers had put up a few days before and looked through the window into the third floor.

After a moment he left. I didn’t sleep well that night. I’m not sure what to think. I have an apartment that’s not on the ground floor in order to prevent exactly this kind of situation from ever happening, but it still did. I don’t think he’ll return, but given this is a large city, others might get the same idea. I reckon this was a more of a dare or a drunk stunt than an attempted burglary.

I’ve been asked if I wasn’t afraid. Afraid? No. The thought that I might be in danger never entered my mind. It might’ve been the giggling that made this seem so harmless. I was a bit annoyed that the situation I had gone to extra lengths to avoid had still occurred. I was also surprised how far people are willing to go for an adrenaline kick.

I wonder though how it would’ve played out, had I taken a strong flashlight and pointed it towards the man.

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