Scenes of music: Greensleeves

Posted on Wed 20 February 2019 • Tagged with Scenes of music

Song: Greensleeves

The old adventurer tells the tale of his life to his friends and family one last time. He tells of his youth, of his prime, of his exploits and how his life has treated him until now, at high age. He has invited everyone to one last feast to celebrate because he feels he does not have much time left. They hang to his every word, for while he was only ever mediocre in combat, there was no finer storyteller in his time.

He speaks of years long past, of serving kings and queens. He tells of journeys across foreign lands, of conquests. He explains tense situations he barely survived and has his former companions speak about their common adventures. His life has been a long life and certainly a good life. A life whose stories are worth remembering; that is what he hopes to achieve with this last coming together - that his stories will be remembered even if he himself fades away.

He is a romantic if I’ve ever seen one.
I am captivated by his words and vow to carry his stories onward.

It took me only half the song to find a theme for it. The melody, despite being somewhat different from what I remember - I read this song is frequently used with a part for personal interpretation - and its varying tempo as well as tone sets up a story of multiple parts.

Requested by Kishuri Yllis.