Scenes of music: Fable 2 music box

Posted on Sat 13 April 2019 • Tagged with Scenes of music

Song: Fable 2 Music Box (this links loops, the theme itself is very short)

Now, I picture you. Going into the attic and looking for a huge, immensely dusty suitcase, or rather a treasure chest with several locks on them. It also has a sign on it, neatly made but with a text akin to “If you’re not Sara, don’t even bother. The locks are magically enhanced”. Then you gently wipe away a layer of dust and pat the chest. So many memories in there. You’re slightly unsure if you should even open it.

First you open the outermost lock. That one is fairly simple and somewhat high-tech. It’s unlocked by your fingerprint.
The second lock is a bit more involved. You take the standard, comparatively boring key from your every day keychain and unlock it.
The third lock is a striking crimson and so magical, it has comedic value. You prick yourself in the finger with a needle in order to drop a single droplet of blood on it.
The fourth lock is unlocked with a teeny-tiny key that you keep on your bracelet. Even if the keychain is lost, the bracelet never leaves your arm.
The last lock is special. It’s not actually visible, but the chest won’t open if you don’t unlock it. You focus, smile and think, yes, you are sure you want to access the memories.

The chest opens. More dust is spreading and you hear a slight squeak from the gears that have become just a tad rusty. And then, the memories flood back. A slight golden shine comes out of the box and the impossibly romantic sound of a musical box is playing.

I wrote this for a friend on a whim while chatting. I picked the music to the scene this time instead of the other way around since she inquired what music the music box would be playing.