I enjoy Cooking with Friends. Truly.

Posted on Sat 13 April 2019 • Tagged with Memories

Yesterday has seen the 10th episode of Cooking with Friends. It was an event I’m proud to have held. With me were L, a first timer here at Cooking with Friends, and W, a seasoned veteran of culinary delights. Both assured me they had a great evening and the …

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Unused concert ticket

Posted on Sun 09 December 2018 • Tagged with Memories

My mind latches to something that is still on my desk. I only recently took it out of a bag I use for work. It’s a ticket to a show of Apocalyptica in Graz, from 2017.

I remember talking with A about the show during a vacation in Greece …

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Red Lipstick on White Fabric

Posted on Sun 11 November 2018 • Tagged with Memories

I let my thoughts drift. My mind wanders to an old memory. It is a piece of white cloth with a red stain on it. The stain is not fresh but slightly faded, someone has tried to remove it with washing powder but it didn’t entirely work.

It was …

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