Deadly Premonition pt.4

Posted on Wed 18 January 2012 • Tagged with Video Games

Welcome back to the 4th part of this mini-series about supergreatfriend‘s Deadly Premonition LP. Again, there will be notes and comments about the LP. This is not the final article about what can be learned from DP. That one will be released as soon as I’m through with all my notes and thought about what lessons there are to be learned.


This topic covers pretty much what its title says: Scenes that I have taken notes of.

Colorblind Quest Item

There’s this one scene in which the description of the painting says that there’s a blue apple on it. The apple on the painting is green. The item that York may find is green. The descriptor of the item also says it’s a green apple. Now who found it to be funny to confuse the player this way?

Zombie Painting

Zombies coming out of paintings of zombies. While not entirely new this was quite authentic and refreshing. It’s not your typical zombies-coming-out-of-black-spots kind of zombie appearance which is nice to get away from.

More Recycling

The recycling of pictures and photos during the profiling sections is a logical step, that much I must admit. Nevertheless it feels incredibly cheap seeing the same pictures about three times in different chapters.

UI Confusion

Annoyingly the arrows pointing to certain secondary locations like the spiritual map quests don’t get removed after they have been finished. In the later stages of the game that looked like it was pretty confusing due to several quest markers being displayed onscreen with a clear indication what might be the next option to take. Granted, the main target is a darker red than the optional’s brighter orange. Still, this is far from great UI design and implementation.


“York, don’t lie to us!” - Emily

Somehow the script looks like it’s off on this occasion. I can’t remember York having lied to them before.

“Do you want a sternum?” - sgf

I laughed so hard every time he used that running gag.

Additional Notes

  • Judging from York’s use of the word “amazing” he might be a former Apple employee. Otherwise he might have good chances becoming one after leaving the FBI.
  • The crawling shadow fights seem to be incredibly frustrating if you don’t have the right tactic (compare “the hard way” 7 minutes with “the easy way” 13 seconds).
  • For some weird reason York doesn’t want to go into people’s bedrooms without search warrant. Searching the rest of the house including secret rooms, diaries and fridges is okay, though.
  • I don’t know how most players of the game feel but I think the idea of serving the red seeds in the sugar box during the scene in which York is offered tea instead of coffee was brilliant.

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