Deadly Premonition pt.2

Posted on Tue 10 January 2012 • Tagged with Video Games

Back to a second and third session of Deadly Premonition it was. I have now progressed as far as having watched part 10 of the LP and got to enjoy a kind of special service of this LPer for his viewers: You see, the hero, Agent York, references quite a lot of old movies while talking, especially while driving, that is. The LPer went to the length of discussing these movies during long drives through the city so that the viewers wouldn’t be as bored as watching York drive all the length without talking. So far I’ve seen a review about a horror movies whose name I can’t recall right now and Xanadu.

Notes section

  • There was this one scene in which you are introduced to the rich man in the wheelchair with the gas mask. No offense, but aside from the man being eccentric to the top, the gas mask just screams “evil” to me. On the other hand, he makes his dialogue passages rhyme. Who wouldn’t like that?
  • I admit that I lack the inside view in federal (or to be precise: all) murder investigations, but I fail to understand why the details of this case are considered “Top Secret”.
  • Is there something in Japanese culture that dictates that women have to be able to cook? I’ve seen so many anime and video games that highlight a woman who isn’t able to cook in such an embarrassing way. It’s really a lack of respect if you ask me. I’m not a great chef myself but I get along. Also there are other options to satisfy your hunger than cooking yourself, you know?
  • How exactly does washing a car repair its damage? And don’t even mention something sexually charged with the lady at the gas station. That would’ve to be York’s health being restored, not the car’s.
  • The music is an interesting mix. I enjoy some parts of it, for example the mysterious part that plays when arriving at a new location as part of the investigation. But the funny, whistling part is so annoying that I feel like I need to mute the video for a moment.

Quote section

  • “We are being a responsible FBI Agent by racing on the streets.” - supergreatfriend (LPer)
  • “In Greenvale people play darts with guns” - sgf
  • “Coffee equals sleep. You can go days without sleeping on coffee. Somehow I have a feeling that Agent York does that regularly.” - sgf
  • “No, Emily, that’s not where the drink goes!” - sgf after Emily’s animation has her putting her glass to her ear…
  • “Agent York, where are you?” - sgf after a bug turns York invisible. sgf acknowledges that the lights and sirens of the police car are missing but doesn’t realize that it’s a stealth police car. Obviously.
  • “Maybe he needs friends who are not so dumb” - A. York while giving dumbbells to a NPC in a side quest.
  • “Nothing can go wrong doing this” - sgf while driving full speed on train rails
  • “reality is shifting” - sgf’s comment on a flickering texture
  • “it is resistant to car” - sgf about the monstrous dog
  • “we met a deadly dog and helped the deputy improve her cooking. Federal money well spent” - sgf
  • “look at them standing so upright now” - A. York about kids who were sitting


In my conclusion I want to point out that I really dislike the hero’s smoking habit. Maybe, just maybe someone thought that this added to his personality, which might even be occasionally true. I still don’t have to like it, do I?
Also sgf said “I recognize that car” while simultaneously ramming it. He truly wreckognized it.
There are some unresolved questions after this session though. Why is there a door leading outside in a police holding cell? Why can’t you enter the High School as part of the investigation? And where does the magical FBI poncho come from? We may never know.

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