Project:Rosetta - Status & Behind The Scenes

Posted on Sun 18 November 2012 • Tagged with Project Rosetta

For quite some time now friends have been asking me whether my novel (working title: “Project: Rosetta”) is dead. They haven’t used quite those exact words but that’s what their questions amounted to in my head.

Project:Rosetta is not dead

Now I could say that I was …

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Project:Rosetta - Finding a Job

Posted on Tue 03 July 2012 • Tagged with Project Rosetta

Currently I’m not sure what to write for my novel.
The whole thing is set at an educational institute with a strong military part to it. Students there are to some degree free to choose the profession they want to learn, apart from the mandatory military background.

It has …

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Project:Rosetta - Graduation Ball Brainstorming

Posted on Mon 20 February 2012 • Tagged with Project Rosetta

Some days ago I reached out to some of my beta readers for a kind of extended brainstorming session for a particular interesting scene of the novel I’m currently working on. The motif was “graduation ball”.

My findings after having summarized and consolidated all of the notes were quite …

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Project:Rosetta - Illusionists' accidents

Posted on Thu 01 December 2011 • Tagged with Project Rosetta

Today I want to talk about some musings and minor issues I’ve recently had while writing that novel project of mine: Project:Rosetta (yes, I am sincere - no, I started before NaNoWriMo. Also I’m not American, in case you didn’t know.)

Since my novel contains a lot …

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