Project:Rosetta - Finding a Job

Posted on Tue 03 July 2012 • Tagged with Project Rosetta

Currently I’m not sure what to write for my novel.
The whole thing is set at an educational institute with a strong military part to it. Students there are to some degree free to choose the profession they want to learn, apart from the mandatory military background.

It has however been difficult to come up with a path of education for the lead character. Since he is based on my perception of myself to a great extend I want to choose something I’m comfortable with. Ideally that profession should also be fun to write about since I want to enjoy writing this novel (and potential sequels). The path as commissioned officer is not perfectly suited since I’ve stated the lead’s distaste for the strict army system in his country multiple times and this is an essential part of his character. On the other hand I’m thinking hard to come up with something that fits the setting and atmosphere of the world I want to create.

That quest for a suitable profession is complicated by the fact that my view of my own career is not particularly clear. I have ideas en masse but I’m not so sure what I want to do to earn my living.

I might just have to make something up entirely in order to keep the story interesting for the reader as well as exciting to write. I’ve said on several occasions that I want the world I create to feel consistent and cohesive. A considerable amount of planning and discussion went into my drafts so far and I intend to keep it that way in order to ensure this world - my world - will be an amazing place to read about.