How I publish this blog

Posted on Mon 07 August 2017 • Tagged with Development

It was 2015 when I finally decided to act upon my dissatisfaction with the WordPress publishing process and move to a different solution. I exported my posts and pages from its MySQL database and moved on to Pelican - a static site generator written in Python. Usually, when you hear “static …

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youtube2iTunes, a very simple shell script

Posted on Mon 02 September 2013 • Tagged with Development

A while back when updating my homebrew packages I came across youtube-dl but never had enough motivation to check it out. I hardly ever need to download videos from Youtube, but I was in need of this again when spending more time using a metered internet connection (read: mobile broadband …

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But it said ARC enabled.

Posted on Tue 27 August 2013 • Tagged with Development

Since I’m currently in the process of learning development in Objective-C I intended to use the newest tools provided whereever possible (except for the beta-quality ones) - that includes Automatic Reference Counting. ARC is intended to make life easier for developers by automatically inserting memory-management related instructions …

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