Rox (follow-up)

Posted on Mon 06 February 2012

So, a while back I said I was going to visit Rox for a second impression with hopefully less chaos and more of great customer service. Would you be surprised if I told you that my next impression wasn’t that good either? At least this time I didn’t forget to have a non-alcoholic cocktail.

Well, I assume that it probably was at least partially my fault for going there on Thursday. But how am I to know that they offer a free beer for every customer that day? That is indeed a nice gesture. Unless someone doesn’t drink. That would be me. After having donated my free beer to Gregor we sat down at the bar in the innermost part of the non-smoking area. As you might have guessed, Rox was pretty full that day.

As I said before the menu has lots of variations of grilled meat, so I was not really sure what to eat since most dishes sounded pretty common. At last I went with the same as Gregor: Grilled pork chop with zingara sauce1. Additionally there were grilled sweet pepper, onions, garlic and baked potato with garlic sour creme dip.

The food was good. Better than I initially expected, to be precise. It was a medium portion, not terribly much but also not too little. It took some time to eat due to the meat being burried under vegetables. Also it took quite some time for my cocktail to be served. If it takes longer for my drink to appear than for my meal to disappear - that’s a bad sign. Now that didn’t quite happen but it was fairly close.

About the atmosphere… I’m sure Rox has something to it for many people. It just happens that due to my preference for good food and a laid back scenery or some kind of lounge. So as I’m not really into the “bar” kind of entertainment I can only judge the place from a gourmet’s point of view. Although I wouldn’t call myself that. I just lack a better term for the moment. Obviously my opinion is just that: an opinion. You’re free to come to your own conclusion and I’d strongly suggest that you do. So…

Should you visit this place: No

  1. Gegrilltes Zigeunerschweinskotelett, mit gegrilltem Paprika, Zwiebel, Knoblauch und Rox-Stampf-Ofenkartoffel mit Knoblauch Sour Creme Dip 

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