From the third Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend

Posted on Mon 23 July 2012 • Tagged with Video Games

Having pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 some time in the last months (and having playing during the second beta weekend) I was eager to dive headfirst into the new content that the third beta weekend provided, namely the asura 1 and the sylvari 2.

As I have been waiting to play …

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RE: NPD's response to EA about retail vs. digital

Posted on Wed 11 July 2012 • Tagged with Video Games

the digital business

James Brightman about the NPD’s response to EA:

“While digital is a growing part of the industry and something that needs to be addressed for the future, the current games industry is still largely rooted in retail and any industry player involved with AAA content simply …

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The Secret World at GDC 2012

Posted on Thu 03 May 2012 • Tagged with Video Games

I just watched the presentation of The Secret World at GDC 2012 in its full length and there are several topics I’d like to address before heading back to other matters. In this article I’ll be using the shortened TSW when referring to the game.

User interfaces

If …

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TERA Online (open beta)

Posted on Sat 21 April 2012 • Tagged with Video Games

You might have noticed that I’ve mentioned TERA Online in the past. To be more precise I wanted to playtest it for a longer time after immediately liking the visual style and some of the gameplay mechanics at Gamescom 2011. I received a key for the closed beta last …

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Thoughts on Mass Effect 3

Posted on Thu 19 April 2012 • Tagged with Video Games

Warning: Contains plot details for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. Stop reading if you want to enjoy those games without prior knowledge.

Ending the fun

By now you might’ve seen that everybody and their mum complain about ME3’s ending. That it didn’t reveal enough details …

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Image Dump: Mass Effect Datapad

Posted on Wed 21 March 2012 • Tagged with Video Games

Mass Effect Datapad

Please, let me demonstrate a part of the wrongness of Mass Effect Datapad for iOS. 1

  1. The iPad screen is huge and you are still unable to get 10 updates in there without having the user scroll? This is ridiculous. I’m reminded of Krystian’s commentary on Mass Effect …
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Artificial prolonging of gameplay time

Posted on Sun 04 March 2012 • Tagged with Video Games

The estimated length of a game is something that can often tell you certain things about the genre of a game, at least that convention was true in the past. In the good old times of the Playstation 1 the content length could also be estimated by the amount of …

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Multiplayer vs. Immersion

Posted on Fri 02 March 2012 • Tagged with Video Games

When I am craving content and narration I’m a very impatient man. I don’t have time for battles in video games that don’t serve to strenghten the plot and I don’t want to wait for an event to start or for a slot on a server …

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RE: Ubisoft about 'The Lost Archive'

Posted on Wed 29 February 2012 • Tagged with Video Games

Ubisoft about the new single player DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations:

Explore the mysterious pasts of Subject 16 and Lucy Stillman in 2 hours of all-new single player content, using the innovative narration style and puzzle-platforming gameplay pioneered in Assassin’s Creed Revelations’ present-day Desmond sequences.

Considering that the …

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Posted on Tue 28 February 2012 • Tagged with Video Games

TRAUMA. Right now my mind is racing to find an acceptable excuse why I’ve put off writing about this game for this long a time. 1

I first came across TRAUMA after having subscribed to the blog gamedesignreviews because I thought that Krystian Majewski’s trilogy about the shortcomings …

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