Rome 2018 (BSides Roma & Sightseeing)

Posted on Thu 30 August 2018 • Tagged with Journeys

Back when I was traveling to Rome with my dad in January I took some notes and sent them as an informal German newsletter to a couple of friends and family. Since I thought there are quite some good moments in there, mixed with scenes that I’m sure will …

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Ljubljana 2018 (BSides Ljubljana)

Posted on Sat 24 March 2018 • Tagged with Journeys

Going to Ljubljana for BSides Ljubljana 2017 was comparatively without troubles, not counting my scheduling difficulties resulting in several annoying waiting times.

Day 1

I took the train from Graz and read a book I had previously purchased but never read, as I usually do when trying to pass time …

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From CeBIT 2013

Posted on Sat 23 March 2013 • Tagged with Journeys

Recently I was provided with the unique opportunity of attending the famous CeBIT in Hanover. Indeed it was an interesting chance for me given that I was provided with both a ticket for trade visitors and a part of my travel fees. In order to qualify for a subvention I …

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