Media Recap Precursor (Mid Feb 2012)

Posted on Fri 17 February 2012 • Tagged with Media Recap

Attention, notebook dump incoming. Brace for impact.

In more personal news: I’ve finished two more books that I bought during the winter holidays. Jenna Black’s Dark Descendant was not that exciting and has a slightly similar background to the Mythos academy series I’ve read already. Shortly after that I tackled Nicole Peter’s Tempest Rising which I really enjoyed. The book made me laugh quite often - which is always a good sign. At least if I’m not laughing out of pity or it is a cynic laughter caused by utter disbelief.

I’m not quite sure that there had to be quite that much sex in it. Honestly I would probably have exchanged the most of it for more story. I see you rolling your eyes there. As much as some sexual thrill can improve a book it can also destroy the flow of the book if there’s - to put it bluntly - fucking where the protagonists ought to be doing something to help the story come along (sorry, I couldn’t resist that pun).