Media Recap Precursor (June 2010)

Posted on Tue 15 June 2010 • Tagged with Media Recap

For some time now I’ve been rewatching the old Stargate series and especially Stargate:Atlantis which I prefer over the original SG-1. Doesn’t seem to be a big deal, I admit that. But the fact is that instead of my mother tongue German, this time I watched everything in English which was quite nice. I don’t claim to have understood everything that has been said but I’m quite comfortable with what I was able to grasp. By now I have seen all five seasons of Stargate:Atlantis and eight seasons of Stargate:SG-1 (which leaves two more to go there… but I’m not really into the whole Ori thing). Also I’ve just watched some really old stuff: It’s a cartoon called Roswell Conspiracies. Originally I had seen that many years ago on the German station SuperRTL. Not that they’d have any program of quality nowadays, but they had some good series back in the days of my childhood. I liked Roswell Conspiracies quite a lot and just now rewatched the first season with a friend. Also I simply adored Bob Morane back then (the cartoon, I never knew there was a comic until I had read its wiki-entry).

So back from the old memories to something more productive: I’ve revisited and archived around a third of my unfinished work concerning abandoned projects. I will provide them for interested people in a .zip archive as soon as I’ve looked through some more documents. The reason behind me revisiting all those “corpses” was that I wanted to integrate some of the very best ideas into Project:Rosetta. Still, they are yet to be fully integrated as I’ve just created some scribbles and a vague table with the old content. Some of it will certainly prove useful… I guess…