Media Recap: November 2012

Posted on Sun 02 December 2012 • Tagged with Media Recap

Summary: 1 game, 12 podcasts, 2 presentations, 1 novel, 2 different mangas


  • Don’t Starve, PC, Beta It’s a survival game. You will die. A lot, probably. But the sound design, the visual style and the strange sense of humor behind all the madness in Don’t Starve’s wilderness immediately caught my eye when I played the demo which is don’t via Chrome’s Native Client technology. I decided to support further development of this game which is only in it’s beta stage by buying two licences on STEAM.
    Though Ron and I had quite an argument whether excessive playing of a game before it’s official release spoils all the fun and whether one might miss out vital details that may have been hidden during the test phase I still plan to invest quite some time into this little game. Also, I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the OS X version on Steam, since the FAQ says there will be one.



  • Apple Special Event, March 2012
    New iPad and stuff. Swallowed down a bit of buyer’s remorse for not waiting for an iPad with Retina resolution before buying mine.
  • Extra Credits, Season 5, Episode 10 - Demo Daze
    If you’re curious why there are less and less demos of video games nowadays this episode of Extra Credits has you covered.


  • Glennkill by Leonie Swann (German)
    I’ve read the German edition of this very strange book since one of my friends lent it to me. It’s about a flock of sheep solving a murder. It’s fun. Not terribly so but amusing.


Most of the reading time this month was spent on mangas instead of novels. I tried to catch up on Naruto as much as possible and started reading Kenshin after I remembered that I liked that a few years ago. This list here is modelled after my reading schedule. Those are several multi-hour sessions of Naruto.

  • Naruto 23-33
  • Naruto 34-53
  • Naruto 54-61
  • Naruto chapters 588-610
  • Kenshin 1-6
  • Kenshin 7