Media Recap: March 2013

Posted on Sun 31 March 2013 • Tagged with Media Recap

Summary: 1 game, 3 novels, 3 podcasts, 1 movie, 3 episodes of TV


  • Mass Effect 3
    After Citadel , the final piece of DLC, was released and I was sure that this time it was really the last DLC for the game I decided to finally play it all the way and complete as much as possible. Interestingly my girlfriend decided that Mass Effect 3 was a fine cinematic experience and we're now trying to complete it together with her as spectator. That's something I definitely didn't expect.


  • Daemon by Daniel Suarez
    Daemon was in fact a suggestion of Leonhard when I told him about the novel accompanying Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It has some similar concepts and is a worthwhile read. Additionally, some ideas and concepts of the novel were very handy when writing an article for university, so I didn't only benefit in terms of entertainment.

  • Freedom by Daniel Suarez (which I've misspelled "Freedom TM" until recently)
    While I wasn't quite in my element when reading Daemon, Freedom was much more my style, with its focus more leaning towards gamification of everyday life and society as a whole in contrast to Daemon's focus on conspiracy and pseudo-spy action.

  • Callous Frigid Chill by Jari Winberg
    What a strange book. I've stumbled across this CC published novel while browsing art on Deviantart and found myself downloading the e-book version. Way later I came around to reading and found myself continuously wondering. The setting, the characters, it's all very strange - making me scratch my head in confusion. However I can state that the novel - when viewed as a whole - is indeed entertaining and worth a recommendation if a slightly confused impression throughout doesn't turn you off.



  • Tintenherz (EN: Inkheart)
    Watched with and after suggestion of the girlfriend. Had a nice story and some enjoyable characters, was not kitschy. I think I would've preferred to read the book though as I would've had the chance to dream the characters, their outfits and behaviors up myself.

TV Series

  • Better Off Ted, episodes 1-3
    A friend of mine introduced me to this show and although I didn't enjoy all the jokes, some of them were really hilarious. I'm not convinced I'd watch it on a regular basis.