Media Recap: February 2013

Posted on Thu 07 March 2013 • Tagged with Media Recap

Summary: 4 games, 1 let’s play, 1/2 of a novel


  • Ghost Trick (NDS)
    I took another short dive into Ghost Trick and found some parts that were indeed a bit harder than expected, but I’m still enjoying that particular game a lot.

  • Terraria (PC)
    For a few minutes I attempted to get back to Terraria, but my addiction to this particular game seems to be cured. Got bored, switched it off again.

  • Fable 1 (PC)
    After being fed up with Terraria I decided that I wanted to finally play Fable 1. I never quite managed to finish it despite two previous attempts that came pretty close to its end. Let’s see if there will be any annoyances like the need to reformat the computer this time.

  • Castle Crashers (XBLA)
    Had a little Castle Crashers Xbox party with three friends and completed CC once again. Always fun, especially with three other people since the whole screen tends to get extremely crowded and you keep hearing panicky screams of your teammates. Fun times.

Let’s Plays

  • Avalon Code
    This entire LP is gold, pure gold. The LPer rewrites a lot of the dialogue in order to fit his style of narration but ultimately manages to deliver an interesting piece full of character that might be better than the original narration.


  • Netzkinder gegen Offliner: Danke Internet (German) by Alexander Fuchs
    Got around to reading the second half of this book. Will probably post some short thoughts about it anyway, so no long comment here.

  • Daemon by Daniel Suarez
    A tip I got from a friend during the winter holiday. I’m only a few pages in.