Media Recap: August 2013

Posted on Thu 26 September 2013 • Tagged with Media Recap

Summary: 4 games, 12 podcasts, 2 let’s plays

There’s still not much going on since I’m developing a very nice command line tool for personal use which I intend to use to write a microblog-style website with daily reading tips.


  • Beyond Good and Evil HD
    I played Beyond Good and Evil many years ago on my Playstation 2 and found it interesting. However, I was struck by a nasty bug which took away items and didn't hand me my purchase when at a shop and quit. When I read that there was a new version in High Definition and - admittedly - with achievements I was already convinced to buy it and only needed the right time. This time I completed the game together with my girlfriend who took part in the photography and hovercraft part.
  • Mass Effect 3
    Finally completed ME3, once with my girlfriend and once for the Unwavering achievement. I hope to take a long break from the series.
  • Gyromancer - nearly done
    Gyromancer was my solution for a lot of sleepless nights in August as well as spending some time while alone. I am almost done with the game without DLC by the time of this writing. I've completed the story and got all achievements bar Bearer of 120 Awards. Some of those were quite hard and I required a lot of help in the form of video tutorials.
  • Assassin's Creed (1)
    Let me spell this out: Assassin's Creed 1 is boring. Very so. I replayed this game for my girlfriend so we would avoid her not having much context when playing other games from the series - very different to her being thrown into Mass Effect 3 with me explaining while playing.


Let's Plays

  • Darksiders - played by Ambisagrus
    Some may remember that I watched a Zelda let's play by Ambisagrus. He mostly does Zelda LPs, but since Darksiders is apparently very close to the Zelda formula he played that game as well. Had quite some fun here.
  • Diablo 3 - played by my friend Markus
    Markus invited me to watch him play Diablo 3 since he had already completed it on the hardest possible difficulty setting and had a blast. He's generally very fond of the game and it was a blast watching him tear through his enemies using a barbarian on the second hardest setting - only because it would take way less time for me to watch the story sequences. It still took us two sessions with each spanning about 3-4 hours. At least that's what I remember. Might have been more. Or was it less? Time is such a mushy concept during the holidays.