Venetica (X360)

Posted on Wed 07 July 2010 • Tagged with Video Games

A few days back I started playing Venetica for Xbox 360 as I had a nice chance to receive the game (read: free). Anyway, I thought the game had to be very interesting and otherwise quite nice given the fact, that Venice is doubtless a perfect location for a video game. But the game tries very, very hard to throw away its immense potential. There are bugs, achievement glitches, graphical errors and all sorts of UX (user experience) atrocities that just want me to take the disk and break it apart. I have already compiled a rather lengthy list of things that are bogging me most in order to review it properly at

Nevertheless I guarantee you that it’s been a long time ago that I’ve last been that disappointed by a game which - at least in my opinion - had an enormous potential. The product that has been released here is not only unfriendly to the player but also incomplete in terms of QA (quality assurance) to a ridiculous amount.

There used to be a nice time when console games would be tested better than PC ones since they couldn’t be patched. That time’s gone but also there is no willingness to patch games that are bugged. Dark days are already here, my friends.