Scenes of music: Soul Surrender

Posted on Mon 31 December 2018 • Tagged with Scenes of music

Song: Soul Surrender

You hear the righteous choirs singing in your head. They sing of glory and destruction. They sing of conquest. You rush ahead, up the stairs, along the castle walls. The guards try to stop you but you dodge some. You attack some others to throw them off balance. You run. You practically fly because you have your sights set on your goal.

This time, this glorious night you will succeed and throw the empress from her throne. You’ll get the justice you wish for, the justice your family deserved ever since it has been driven from these lands. You’ll stop her reign of terror, that’s what you keep repeating to yourself. No locked door can stop you now. The magic in your veins allows you to break them with a single touch of your hand.

Your allies have done their deeds as well. They poisoned the high guard and its numbers are reduced to a handful of soldiers. The rest has come down from food poisoning. Knocked out but not dead. The only death tonight will be her, her life yours to take. That has been your intent ever since she deemed all of you unworthy of continued existence. You feel the steel of your blade in your hand. It sings for blood. Blood of the oppressor.

Spirits high, but blade held higher, you barge into her quarters. No one dares fire an arrow here. She seems to have expected you and draws her sword, a wicked grin on her face.

This was an easier request. I was already familiar with the song from many hours playing Final Fantasy XIV and its grand theme invites an equally grand scene, like a battlefield, or something with a lot of fast action and drama. I believe that political impact is important for this piece, that’s why I had an assassination in mind. Or rather, a noisy coup then a sneaky assassination.

Requested by Anja Kreutz.