Scenes of music: Riverside

Posted on Sun 17 February 2019 • Tagged with Scenes of music

Song: Riverside - (Originally a spotify link)

“The young nymphs are dancing near the river”, that’s what the uncle used to tell the kids whenever he told the story of that particular tale of his. “You’re not to go near them if you ever see them”, he emphasized.

Why would he say that when they are so pretty?
Why would he say that when their voices are so sweet?
Why would he say that when their dance is so enticing?
Why would you doubt their friendly intentions when they are inviting you to dance with them?

“The humans in their towns are too serious”, that’s what the old fairy told the nymph younglings. “You’re not ever to show yourselves to them”, she emphasized.

Why would we hide though?
Why would we stop our dance though?
Why would we not sing from the bottom of our hearts?
Why would we not invite them to our revelries?

That is the story told among the people who carry both nymph and human blood. You thought it was something more epic? Something from a legend? Nay, I tell you. It was a trait common to both nymph and human by nature: curiosity.

Riverside is a quite focussed on its lyrics by itself; there’s definitely a story in the text. I did not want to stick too closely to what I heard, but only use it as a guiding line for my writing. The calm but not too slow piano in the background brought up a certain mood for exploration and a slight positive mood which is what I focussed on.

Requested by The knight of the routing table.