Scenes of music: Revenge of the Wolves

Posted on Sun 09 December 2018 • Tagged with Scenes of music

Song: Revenge of the Wolves

The moment you open the door of your hut, you have a bad feeling. Your wife is not there, neither are your children. You had asked them to stay inside because of the impending danger of the hordes. You feel a chill run down your spine. Ice flows through your veins. You start running towards the market stalls when you see the state of your rooms - everything is messed up and destroyed, as if a tornado had torn everything inside.

Nobody is at the market and the stalls are broken - splintered wood everywhere, the occasional trampled vegetable. You don’t see any blood but that doesn’t make it better. It seems like no one put up a fight. You run further, to the one friend you’d trust with your live and your family. But she is not at her house. In fact, all the houses along this road are empty, with their front doors wide open and the lights inside still burning.

Despair has you firmly in its grasp.

This was a little easier to write than the first scene, given that it was both an instrumental piece and from the soundtrack of a game I have played extensively. The theme here is the urge to hurry, to do something, anything not to go mad from inaction.

Requested by Waran.