Scenes of music: No Stars

Posted on Sun 17 February 2019 • Tagged with Scenes of music

Song: No Stars

The singer looks at you. Directly at you. She’s not looking at the audience per se. You know she’s looking at you. You also know she’s weaving in the little Spanish intermezzos for you. For you are her love and she has learned to love your heritage, your language, your country in which you live together whenever she can rest from being on the road. Musicians are always on tour, they say. It’s not quite wrong, that much you’ve understood by now.

But you know it’s worth it. Nothing but standing on the stage and performing makes your sweetheart so happy. It does not matter whether she sings a sad song, whether she sings a desperate song, whether she sings a happy song. The look in her eyes, the wrinkles next to her eyes, the expression on her face are priceless. The time you spent together and the things you experience together gives both of you inspiration for you are as much an artist as she is.

You live together, you dream together.
In the starless nights.

This was one of the more difficult songs for me. It has this really slow movement which I found hard to transform into an elaborate story. Because of this I tried a short scene, something that is very focussed on the moment the music would be heard, like at a bar concert. I’m not sure I’m doing the singer justice with this. I tried to go for that dreamy moment when a lover is at her concert and still has this long-lasting affection. They still enjoy hearing their loved one’s voice after many years together.

Requested by Seren Seraph.