Reading recommendations (2017-07-26)

Posted on Wed 26 July 2017 • Tagged with Reading recommendations

Pieter Hintjens has Ten Steps to Better Public Speaking for you. Amongst them is to avoid using slides since they send the audience into passive ‘consumer only’ mode. I’m definitely guilty of doing that as a listener.

Here is an interview with Craig Schaefer, author of one of my favorite book series, the Faust books. - Cover Reveal and Mini-Q&A with Craig Schaefer (by Mihir Wanchoo). I’m very sad that he still hasn’t resumed selling his books on Apple’s iBooks, my preferred source.

Jason Schreier writes in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age: The Kotaku Review that one of the most interesting games in the Final Fantasy series is as good as I remember it and might be even better in its new version. I’m very pleased to hear that even though I don’t currently own a PS4. They even removed that one quirk where you mustn’t open a specific chest for the whole game in order to get one of the best weapons.

Matt Gemmell’s Regulars is about peoplewatching. It’s about the what-ifs. It’s what happens when observation and imagination meet and have a great time in a coffee shop. (pun intended)

With every new framework release comes the fresh chance of masking your lack of fundamental JavaScript knowledge. @iamdevloper

I also happened to read the comic books I got with The Witcher 2 and Alan Wake, but sadly those didn’t click with me.