Reading recommendations (2017-04-15)

Posted on Sat 15 April 2017 • Tagged with Reading recommendations

I feel bad about dropping so many things into the Sidenotes uncommented - however not putting out this post for longer only makes it worse. I’ve been very, very busy in the last few weeks and expect it to stay this way for some more time.

Here’s a great micro story by the ever interesting @microsff Twitter account:

“Assassin?” the emperor said.
“Yes?” the assassin said.
“I employed you, once, did I not?”
“In case you became a tyrant.”
“Did I?”

A lack of nature in the office could be decreasing your productivity by Belle B. Cooper ( feed)

But at lunchtime or in the afternoon when you’re facing a slump in energy and struggling to focus, a walk through nature could be just what you need to get through the rest of your workday.

Why You Need a Morning Ritual, not Just Morning Routine by Alan Henry ( feed)

It’s a simple mind shift, but super empowering when you realize that before you even left the house, you’ve done something good, crossed an item off your to-do list, and practiced a little self-care.

Thwart my OSINT Efforts while Binging TV! by Lesley Carhart ( feed)
In which @hacks4pancakes shows you how not to show up in every identity database, ever.

This browser tweak saved 60% of requests to Facebook by Ben Maurer, Nate Schloss (minus points for the awful title, probably via Bulletproof TLS newsletter)
Technical post about static resources and how browsers treat them when reloading the current page.

New Filing Confirms Yahoo Was Aware of Large-Scale Email Hack in 2014 by Mitchel Broussard ( feed)

In September, Yahoo confirmed that at least 500 million of its users’ accounts had been compromised during an attack in late 2014. Now, in a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it was revealed that the company knew about the hack when it originally happened in 2014, but waited two years to divulge it to the public

‘Amazon Go’ Stores Will Let You Grab Groceries and Go, No Checkout Needed by Joe Rossignol ( feed)

Amazon Go provides a checkout-free shopping experience that, to the naked eye, looks exactly like shoplifting.

You might agree that the promise of such a convenient shopping experience has its allure.

Redesigning Bluetooth Settings by Daniel Foré (twitter)
Even if you’re not that into application design, you might want to check out the images from this iterative design process to see how a user interface can change. Even better, Foré has provided reasons for every time a design was changed.

CMD challenge - It’s a browser-based commandline interface asking you to perform many differenct tasks using tools readily available in command CLIs. I was intrigued by this coding project and managed to achieve 2/3 of the challenges offered when I took the challenge. Or, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t want to give up until solving 2/3. What ever version you prefer.