Reading recommendations (2017-01-10)

Posted on Tue 10 January 2017 • Tagged with Reading recommendations

Trying to reduce the backlog of unread Read-it-later articles and feeds. Little else to say this time. Some work to catch up with, sick over the holidays. Additionally, Final Fantasy XV turned out not to be as awesome as hoped which saddens me.

No False Users by Kim Foale (Twitter)
Please stop making up user stories to develop features nobody needs or uses.

Why I only work remotely by Yan Lhert (via Medium related articles)
I fully agree with this article. Coming in in the morning works the same for me - I’m constantly tired and little productive activity will happen in the hours I’m there. Working past noon has very positive effect on my output.

Kingdom Hearts 15th anniversary ‘Memorial Stained Glass Clock’ campaign in Shinjuku Station by Wassim Mokhtar ( feed)
I would love to see this clock in person.

Technology in Hostile States: Ten Principles for User Protection by Mike Perry (via Twitter)

There is a disturbing trend for automated abuse detection systems to harshly penalize shared IP address infrastructure of all kinds, leading to loss of access.

Why a staggering number of Americans have stopped using the Internet the way they used to by Andrea Peterson (via Twitter)
End users are more and more losing their trust in our IT infrastructure as well as their trust in companies as a whole.

BATCH OF TROUBLE by Remy Porter (via Twitter)
Sometimes what appears to be simple but ugly can still be enormously more useful than complex, nice but still broken.

Über IT-Regel 18 und Katzen by Stephan Witt (German, feed)
This should be read in combination with the link about BATCH OF TROUBLE, since they are both about the same topic of simplifying processes.