Reading recommendations (2016-10-08)

Posted on Sat 08 October 2016 • Tagged with Reading recommendations

While I wait for feedback on the draft for Sensu plugin documentation that I wrote I have some new reading recommendations. I’m also working on two more substantial articles but those are not polished enough yet for publication.

The “Have I been pwned” API rate limit has been brought forward - here’s why by Troy Hunt ( feed)
This extremely useful service was first abused, then attacked by what can only be assumed to be criminals. Fortunately Hunt had already been preparing to implement a rate limit anyway and just had to speed up his efforts.

With VR mode, Dead or Alive goes from creepy to harassment by Allegra Frank ( feed)
One of the first not-so-great VR activities.

True Tales from Localization Hell by Bob Mackey (probably Twitter, possibly cross-reference from other article)
Localizing games is a challenging activity. Not only have do the texts have to be translated, but there are also restrictions in place, for example the amount of space available for the text or whether phrases need to end on a vowel or consonant.

Safety is not our first priority by ~smspillaz ( feed)

Every day we hear of a new data leak. Confidential information is stolen and sold to the highest bidder. Lives are meddled with and lives are ruined.

#BLAUGUST2016: FOOD by ~Syl ( feed)
Sometimes the best posts on gaming blogs are not even related to video games. Here’s a nice one on eating habits instead.

Thanks for everything! The case for gratitude at work by Juli Fischer ( feed)
I make a point of being thankful at work because it’s an easily visible sign that I respect my coworkers. This post goes into detail on methods that an organization can use to nurture a culture of gratitude. I especially like the wall of post-its.

Instapaper is joining pinterest by The Instapaper Team ( feed)
I am concerned by this acquisition. Usually in today’s tech world that means the product will be sunset in 18 months tops. Though I dislike Safari’s Reading List feature, I dislike Pocket even more, so Reading List it is. I have a hard time putting my trust into Instapaper. Good thing I started this blog mini-series to save the most interesting articles somewhere else. :)

This time the one link from the archives is Matt Gemmell’s Ideology in which he makes a bold statement about violent reactions to terrorism, bombardments and hatred. He wrote this moving piece as reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015.