Reading recommendations (2016-08-24)

Posted on Wed 24 August 2016 • Tagged with Reading recommendations

This time I had to dump quite a lot of links into the sidenotes since it’s been longer since the last post. But that’s how it is given that I really want to adhere to my self-imposed 7 big links rule.

  • On Cybersecurity and Being Targeted by Kenneth Reitz (via Twitter)
    Reitz describes an attack on his person via GitHub and his DNS provider. The short lesson here is to use common e-mail provider when registering with services instead of a small one or your own. Two factor authentication helps.
  • Behind the Scenes of iOS Security by Ivan Krstic (via feed and others, presentation video)
    It’s been a long time since Apple presented at a hacker congress. Krstic discusses iOS encryption, encryption for iCloud Keychain and introduces Apple’s invite-only bug bounty program.
  • Sunday Conversation: Games That Made You Cry by Mark Delaney ( feed)
    While this article is focused on Xbox games I have fond memories of playing Grandia where I cried at the sweet and peaceful conclusion of its epic journey.
  • Germany to tell people to stockpile food and water in case of attacks: FAS by Caroline Copley, Andrew Bolton ( World News feed)
    I don’t really know what to say here. I’m shocked. The post makes it sound as if Germany is preparing for war. Not that it is. I mean, probably not. Hopefully. It might be a precaution in case a city is in a state of emergency again as it was during the Munich shooting.
  • EquationGroup Tool Leak – ExtraBacon Demo by ~XORcat (via Twitter)
    Experiment with the leaked NSA tools. Technical read.
  • Twitter timeline about inciting hatred against the press at one of Trump’s rallies by Jared Yates Saxton (curated by @EndTrumpsHate, via feed)
    Yes, another Trump link. This one shows the disgusting inciting of hatred towards press.
  • Notes from a lecture about C by Nick P (via feed)
    Haven’t seen the presentation itself yet, but the notes about the design process of C are both enlightening and amusing.

Despite the self-restraint stated above, I’ve elected to include one gem from my archives which I’d like to add to these posts slowly until the archive is drained and I’ve fully switched to the Reading Recommendation posts.

On Nerd Entitlement” by Laurie Penny is a fascinating read about how nerds who were shunned can in turn be no better than their tormentors by shunning women who don’t adhere to the typical pretty woman stereotypes. I really can’t stress how important it is for one to have a moment of introspection from time to time.