Reading Recommendation: Kids Can't Use Computers

Posted on Thu 15 August 2013 • Tagged with Reading Recommendations

→ Kids Can’t Use Computers… And This Is Why It Should Worry You

I keep on complaining about the computer illiteracy of my fellow humans - and even fellow Computer Science students. Yesterday I read this great piece that just makes exactly that point. Kids spend hours and hours in front of computers these days but that doesn’t make them experts.

The thought that this is a very bad sign for our society has more than just showed up in my head. I keep thinking that there is a certain need for the children of today to be aware of a lot of things concerning computers.

I don’t expect everybody to be able to change the RAM or reinstall their operating system of choice. I *do* however expect people to be able to install and remove software on their computers, especially those on Windows and OS X (given they have the corresponding permissions to do that). I also expect people to hop on the Wi-Fi if given the credentials and set the proxy if given the corresponding settings.