Quicklook Plugins (OS X)

Posted on Tue 08 November 2011

I just wanted to point out the site QuickLook Plugins List for anyone wanting to improve the already great QuickLook functionality in OS X. I already grabbed some plugins there and although not everything works on OS X Lion (I’ve commented wether I’ve checked or not).

Currently I’m using these:

I also used to use QLStephen (READMEs, makefiles, etc.) until yesterday or so, since I’ve realized it’s starting an unneeded 32bit process that I didn’t want. In the mean time I’ve filed an issue on github to which the dev has quickly responded that this is for Legacy compatibility (cite: “Leopard”).

Also he mentioned that patches are welcome… but I don’t think my coding experience is yet enough to participate…

Update: Added the missing link for QLStephen.