Cut the Rope (iPad)

Posted on Fri 09 September 2011 • Tagged with Video Games

I recently had a stab at Cut the Rope on the iPad (using the iPad of a co-worker). The game’s concept is strikingly simple: Feed candy to an adorable green monster. Of course it’s not that easy: There are some strings attached (see what I did there?). The candy is bound to special points with ropes which are cut by you by swiping your finger across them. You also should collect all three stars which are scattered across the levels to increase your score and unlock more levels. The important thing here is that it can be difficult achieving this goal, since only the piece of candy is able to collect them, meaning you have to maneuver the candy to the stars first and then into the mouth of little om-nom (yes, that is really his name as far as I got it). I like the concept since it shows complexity in the later levels though it doesn’t seem hard at first. Definitely had a great time testing this mobile game.