Borderlands (Novel)

Posted on Sun 11 December 2011 • Tagged with Video Games

I recently discovered via Borderlands’ facebook feed that there’s going to to be a novel which uses the same setting as the game. Of course I, having enjoyed the game quite much, was curious about that. Add to that the fact that I previously read a lot of books that were telling stories in the worlds of games I’ve played before I was looking forward to reading it.

That said the announcement contained an example how the book was going to be. I was genuinely surprised by that considering that the part of the book they were willing to share was not only a .pdf of 39 pages (make that 37 with text) but also finding that the book captured the flair of borderlands really well. The style, the atmosphere was right there when I flicked through the passage provided, I could nearly feel the dusty surrounding. I could say that I had to cough from imagining the sand and heat near me, but you’d probably suggest cleaning up my room, so I won’t do that.

The cover features (what was his name again? I’ll have to check…) Roland, who seems to be the main character judging from what I’ve read yet. Though I would’ve preferred Mordekai or Lilith. Most interestingly for fans perhaps is that I’ve seen mentions of enemies which until yet have only been seen in previews to Borderlands 2 and were not starring in Borderlands 1.

I don’t think I’ll be getting this anytime soon though, since the style the book is written in does not really fit what I favor when reading. It’s a bit like the game though: Fast-paced, a lot of action, shootin’ and not too little profanity. No offense here, but that’s somehow not what I want when I shell out my coin for a new book. Virtual coin that is, that buys me virtual books. We live in a strange, but interesting world.

In case you’re interested, check out the novel on