Posted on Wed 05 August 2015 • Last modified on Sun 28 August 2016




Linux administration tasks for the ITAT of the Karl-Franzens Universität Graz. - (2 hrs/week)

  • setting up TLS for an Apache webserver
  • setting up the Postfix MTA with TLS
  • setting up Mailman mailing lists

Additionally I gave detailed explanations of

  • symmetric vs. asymmetric cryptography
  • the puppet configuration system
  • the sensu monitoring system
  • version control systems like SVN and git as well as the gitlab platform.


Automating a third party GUI for backup purposes using image detection for Kärnten Netz. Implementation in Jython, realized using Sikuli, code closed source. - (38 hrs/week)


Parsing, evaluating and analyzing logfiles, graphing and exporting the results for the tagstore project at the Institute of Software Technology (TU Graz). Implementation in Python, available on github. - (freelance project)


Improvement of internal GUI for geo-information database, rewrite in order to have dynamically built sites for Kärnten Netz. Implementation in PHP, code closed source. - (38 hrs/week)


Data entry in geo-information database for Kärnten Netz (formerly KELAG Netz). - (38 hrs/week)


I've written many stories in the past. Some of them will in time be archived here as soon as I've cleaned them up and converted them to a proper format and markup standard. Beware that a lot of them are in German. These outdated pieces of work are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported License.