Final Fantasy XIV: Stories about Fellowship

Posted on Sat 05 August 2017 in video games • Tagged with Stories

I started playing Final Fantasy XIV (FF) in February when my disappointment about the many quirks of Black Desert Online (BDO) reached an all-time high. After feeling that a lot of things were unpolished in BDO I wanted to try an MMO with monthly subscription - the assumption being that the …

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Stellaris: Stories about an Empire

Posted on Sat 17 June 2017 in video games • Tagged with Stories

I had the chance to play more Stellaris when Final Fantasy XIV was in maintenance mode to prepare for the release and Early Access period of its expansion, Stormblood. This time I took some notes. While the storytelling of Stellaris tends to be very direct, I find it fascinating to …

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Black Desert Online: Stories about Travel

Posted on Fri 27 January 2017 in video games • Tagged with Stories

There are two quotes I frequently think about when playing Black Desert Online (BDO).

People need stories, more than bread, itself.

This first one I got from "Storyteller" by Secret Archives of the Vatican. Some minutes of research tell me that the quote is actually from Arabian Nights which in …

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A Letter to the Dev: thoughts about Audiosurf 2's "Autofind Music"

Posted on Thu 15 January 2015 in video games

Dear Dylan,

First of all, I tremendously enjoy playing Audiosurf 2. I bought it as soon as it was available on OS X. I longed for that to happen since one of my favorite games I had to leave behind when switching operating systems was Audiosurf (1). While I personally …

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Companion Gaming - Mass Effect 3 pt. II

Posted on Fri 23 August 2013 in video games • Tagged with game commentary

I've been looking forward to this. Companion Gaming, the second edition.
After completion of Mass Effect 3 I was curious to get some more thoughts from my girlfriend as I myself have already written and talked extensively about Mass Effect ever since becoming fascinated by its first part.

I've published …

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