Reading recommendations (2017-04-15)

Posted on Sat 15 April 2017 in reading recommendations

I feel bad about dropping so many things into the Sidenotes uncommented - however not putting out this post for longer only makes it worse. I’ve been very, very busy in the last few weeks and expect it to stay this way for some more time.

Here’s a great …

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Reading recommendations (2017-01-10)

Posted on Tue 10 January 2017 in reading recommendations

Trying to reduce the backlog of unread Read-it-later articles and feeds. Little else to say this time. Some work to catch up with, sick over the holidays. Additionally, Final Fantasy XV turned out not to be as awesome as hoped which saddens me.

No False Users by Kim Foale (Twitter …

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Reading recommendations (2016-10-08)

Posted on Sat 08 October 2016 in reading recommendations

While I wait for feedback on the draft for Sensu plugin documentation that I wrote I have some new reading recommendations. I’m also working on two more substantial articles but those are not polished enough yet for publication.

The “Have I been pwned” API rate limit has been brought …

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Reading recommendations (2016-09-29)

Posted on Thu 29 September 2016 in reading recommendations

Between trying to figure out why one of our servers at work keeps insisting its RAID storage controller disappears after a few days of work and researching file exchange platforms like Syncthing, Owncloud and Seafile I’ve been quite busy for a while. I’ve also played more Black Desert …

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Reading recommendations (2016-08-24)

Posted on Wed 24 August 2016 in reading recommendations

This time I had to dump quite a lot of links into the sidenotes since it’s been longer since the last post. But that’s how it is given that I really want to adhere to my self-imposed 7 big links rule.

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