Site structure updates

Posted on Fri 23 June 2017 in random notes

I've archived the pages for "Companion Gaming" and "The Tea" since I haven't updated them for a while and no longer plan to do, for several reasons.

In order to make up for that, I've put up a page for Cooking with Friends, a social event I hold for a …

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State of e-mail 2014

Posted on Sat 27 December 2014 in random notes

I've been chatting with @stefan2904 about mail clients recently and we came to the conclusion that we're rather unsatisfied with the current status of desktop mailing software.

Only a few weeks back I've reorganized my complete e-mail workflow again. I've done this once before and it was unpleasant the first …

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RE: Your People by Rands

Posted on Tue 06 May 2014 in random notes

From Rands in Repose, titled "Your People":

It’s attending a conference where you know no one. It’s driving to the city to sit in a coffee shop with ten strangers bonded by a programming language.

You'd think that occasions like this are no longer needed in times of …

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Posts from the past

Posted on Fri 14 February 2014 in random notes

So, a friend of mine asked me to remove his real name from the writing he did over at our old, soon-to-be removed blog. When I inquired about his reasons for wanting to do so I was given the answer that he doesn't want his name to have any hits …

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Reading Recommendation: Kids Can't Use Computers

Posted on Thu 15 August 2013 in random notes

→ Kids Can't Use Computers... And This Is Why It Should Worry You

I keep on complaining about the computer illiteracy of my fellow humans - and even fellow Computer Science students. Yesterday I read this great piece that just makes exactly that point. Kids spend hours and hours in front of …

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